Fall Bucket List For Everyone

Fall Bucket List For Everyone

Hey, hi, hello! If you’ve been following me for quite some time now, then you know fall is my favorite season of all time. I love the crisp air, the color of the leaves changing and most of all, pumpkin everything! I contemplate moving to a state where fall only exists, but then I think about leaving Vegas and I could never. Wishful thinking on my end though!

Since it’s only September (and my birthday month) I’ve decided to make this month, the best month of 2020. I’ll have a weekly blog post from here on out and I’ve decided to dedicate this one to fall. Below you’ll find a fall bucket list of all the things. Whether it be a hayride, picking apple or making a pumpkin pie, you can’t go wrong. I know times are crazy and especially weird, but it doesn’t have to be! Let’s celebrate this upcoming fun season anyway we can.


Be sure to tag me in any posts where you’ve completed an item off of the list. Can’t wait to see your posts. ♡



  1. Bake sugar cookies and decorate them as pumpkins
  2. Enjoy a Carmel apple
  3. Roast marshmallows
  4. Wear some form of boots or booties
  5. Buy new slippers
  6. Thrift a cozy sweater
  7. Visit a cornmaze
  8. Go apple picking at an orchard
  9. Watch Hocus Pocus
  10. Decorate for Halloween
  11. Eat candy corn
  12. Bake a pumpkin pie
  13. Buy pumpkins
  14. Make apple cider
  15. Order your favorite fall drink for a small business
  16. Take fall family photos
  17. Have a girls night and make cinnamon rolls
  18. Try a new fall lipstick color
  19. Make homemade chili and cornbread
  20. Wear a flannel
  21. Enjoy a hot bubble bath
  22. Build a fort in the living room
  23. Make a wreath
  24. Watch a football game
  25. Cozy up by the fireplace
  26. Buy a new candle
  27. Create a thankful list
  28. Visit a haunted house
  29. Have Friendsgiving
  30. Snuggle with someone special


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