Why I Made The Switch To Vegan Makeup

Hey, hi, hello! Okay, let’s get to it! So I’m sure you’re all wondering, why the heck did she switch to vegan, non-toxic makeup? Is it even good? Can it possibly be so good that she switched and ditched her Dior, MAC and Charlotte Tillbury? The answer…YES! Well why? Because their’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in the beauty industry, mainly makeup and if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, you can watch a video here. But not only that, I wanted to switch into a non-toxic lifestyle that I didn’t have to worry about. I didn’t want my son getting ahold of my toxic lipstick and putting it on his skin or Pepper (our skin is the largest organ in our body and it only takes 27 seconds to absorb product). So after a little research and many many tears of knowing what goes on behind the scenes, I slowly started to switch and ditch the toxic crap and bring in the plant-based goodness!

When I decided to switch my makeup, I went in with an open mind. Did I love it at first? Not so much, but only because I wasn’t used to it and partially because it wasn’t sticking to my face the way my other MAC foundation was (hence the rendering plant fat that is used in their products). However, once I started using a makeup primer, that’s when everything changed. My complexion was as smooth as a flower petal and my foundation started to last a lot longer, both in the bottle and on my face. Not to mention, Arbonne has a unique design with their makeup bottles, that leaves no waste behind. It’s honestly brilliant.

So why Arbonne? Great question! Well, I started out as a client doing their 30 days to healthy living program and fell in love with the neutron so I figured why not make the switch? I started to test out makeup products here and there and fell in love. ¬†Plus. they’re a certified b corporation, certified vegan, cruelty-free and non-gmo. All things that sparked my interest and made me excited to live a non-toxic lifestyle. Its been such a fun experience and I couldn’t be more happy.

I’ve decided to list all of my daily products that I swear by and I know you would too!

You can always browse Arbonne’s makeup selection here.



Daily Pressed Powder РMedium ~ this pressed powder is absolutely my favorite thing ever, gives off the prettiest matte finish, I apply this over my foundation.

Makeup Primer ~ this product works wonders, makes your skin so soft and the makeup goes on so smooth.

Foundation ~ I have no words other than I love this! I can easily match you to get the right color for yourself and it also has SPF!

Mineral Powder Foundation ~ I apply this after my foundation and love it!

Eyeshadow Palette ~ my go-to eyeshadow palette! All the neutral colors, perfect for everyone.

Speak Volumes Mascara ~ my new fave mascara! Gives lots of volume and length, and its been featured on Wall Street!


When becoming a preferred client, you receive 20-40% off for the entire year- this includes makeup, skincare, haircare and nutrition. We do not use auto-ship, monthly minimum purchases, etc. You simply use your account, when you need or want.